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downcast - 'downcast' EP Review


1. Anthurium

2. Sombre

3. Window Seat

4. 2013

5. I'm Sorry

UK Newcomers downcast will reveal their self-titled debut EP on Friday 11th January 2019. Channelling emotive drive with addictive melodies, downcast wear their hearts on their sleeves. They notably crafted a sound which has influences from Neck Deep, Moose Blood and Alkaline Trio.

downcast were only formed this year, however, the quartet have wasted no time perfecting their set and working tirelessly on their debut EP with revered producer, Ian Sadler (Anavae, ROAM). Lead Vocalist, Liam Edwards comments: “We wrote and demoed the EP in our bedrooms over the course of about five months. I wanted to write something honest...I hope that this EP will resonate with anyone who is going through a hard time and helps them to feel less alone. I’ve used putting my thoughts and feelings into songs as a way of coping with negative emotions for a while now; it gives them a long-term purpose. I feel that negative things in your life often reveal positive meanings over time. If the things I’ve written about never happened, these five songs wouldn’t exist today.”

We get into things with first track “Anthurium” - it’s fast tempo places you straight into the fast lane of the EP. The blend of Pop-Punk with deep emotions flows throughout both this song and EP. An outstanding start. It’s already time to slow things down with “Sombre”. An almost Folk feel on the strings, we also get to hear Liams’ voice exposed and it’s prefect. The more I listen to this EP the more and more I enjoy it.

Next up current single “Window Seat” - it’s catchy chorus, bouncy tune, yet dull lyrics showcases downcast. This heartfelt song is my favourite of the EP, those classic Pop-Punk drum patterns make it difficult to not bob your head to this track. “2013” is two minutes and fifty-nine seconds of pure gold, I can imagine a small club room packed jumping around to its funky bass line and screaming chorus.

A toned down downcast flows us into the fifth and final track of the self-titled EP. This is a story we can all relate to, apologises. “I’m Sorry” makes the personal touch of this EP stand out more so - the only way you can understand this song is to sit down and just listen.

This release took a hand full of listens to get into, since then I haven’t stopped listening. downcast have created an EP which is personal, catchy and a sound which they enjoy both playing and listening to.

Review - Jake Williams

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