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Tremonti - Rock City, Nottingham 29.11.2018

Nottingham Rock City 29.11.2018 sees the first date in the UK from Tremonti on the 'A Dying Machine' tour.

Most people assosciate Mark Tremonti with Alter Bridge and Creed and him being the lead guitarist but this is only part of the story.

Tremonti are now a well established entity and currently on their fourth album and it proves that Mr Tremonti is a proficient song writer in his own right and yeah he can play guitar too.

The latest album 'A Dying Machine' is a concept album that ties in with a novel he and sci-fi/fantasy author John Shirley have co written going by the same name.

The Rock City crowd has steadily built all evening and with a virtually full room they erupt when the band takes to the stage and are treated to the explosive 'Cauterize' quickly followed by 'You Waste Your Time' and 'Another Heart'.

The band are impressively tight and on point, with Mark Tremonti taking the centre of the stage has he commands proceedings.

The pace is set and the crowd are loving it. The energy levels rise and with Mark Tremonti urging the crowd they are singing and jumping along. The set continues and includes many fan favourites such as 'Take You With Me' and 'My Last Mistake' and they sing and jump around with renewed energy. The crowd get a slight respite with the brilliant 'Dust' where they are encoraged by Mark to get out their phones to 'light this place up' which they do easily. This song is a personal favourite and was delivered brilliantly making the hairs stand up which is a reaction I love when listening to music. Another song that the Rock City faithful were able to enjoy and one Mark says they never usually play live was 'Unable To See', and I absolutely loved that song. From the crowds reaction I think this will hopefully be getting played more often.

The rest of the band need a mention. I know it may be classed as Mark Tremonti's solo project but it's more than that. Tanner Keegan on bass is mesmerisning with his movement and never misses a note. Eric Friedman on guitar should never be under estimated he plays some amazing solos and the mix of himself and Mark Tremonti create such an audible delight that works perfectly. Ryan Bennett on drums finishes off the rest of the line up on the night and he's on point and tight as hell all evening with a thunderous kit resonating through the room. Mark Tremonti with his stance of one foot on the monitor and delivering vocals and playing guitar with ease was immense and he looked like he was enjoying it all which is great to see.

The band finish the set with 'Wish You Well' and leave the crowd wanting more, However that is not to be, but the band have delivered an exceptional evening of entertainment with heavy riffs, catchy hooks and poweful beats. What's not to like.

Photos & Review - Bandshotz

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