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Flotsam And Jetsam - 'Demolition Man' Single Review

Flotsam And Jetsam is a name that may be familiar to many Metallica fans, this is the band Jason Newsted left to join Metallica in 1986, Well lead singer Eric A Knutson and guitarist Michael Gilbert are still there (or there again).

Billed as Progressive Metal the band very much reflect the now classic 80's Thrash scene they emerged from and without being aware that this is their new single (from a forthcoming album "The End Of Chaos") one could easily mistake it for a song from that era.

Replete with the impressive guitar work, drumming and vocals typical of the era, this is more of a nostalgic piece than much of Metallica's own recent return to their Thrash roots. It's not a bad song, far from it, it's very well written, exceptionally well performed and kinda catchy too, but it's not breaking any new ground. If that's what you want, something both new and nostalgic at the same time then this is probably a great track to check out, the band does what they do remarkably well. If like me your preference is for artists who develop over time this might have a more limited shelf life for you.

I may spin this again a few times over the coming months but it seems likely to become an occasional shuffle song that raises a smile then disappears from memory as the next song catches in my consciousness.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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