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River Fury - 'Five Year Plan' EP Review


1. Wasteful

2. Walking In The Sand

3. Tupelo

4. Comfort Is Being Fooled

5. 5 Year Plan

I have no idea who River Fury sound like, which is no bad thing. Elements kept surfacing that hinted at their influences but no one element stood out. I gave up trying to work out who I should be comparing them to, sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the very good music.

I like this EP, I think repeated listens may end up with me more than liking them, they have passion and a drive about them that makes me want to hear more. Quiet and introspective are not words I would apply to these songs, apart from possibly '5 Year Plan'. The clear stand out track for me is '5 Year Plan', its by far their best song and probably the least like the others. 'Comfort Is Being Fooled' is possibly my next favourite but I don’t think there is a weak song on this EP.

If I’m being completely honest they are not the greatest band I’ve heard recently but they do have something about them that makes their music very enjoyable and makes me want to play it again. Repeated listens led to me enjoying each song more and picking up on things I hadn’t the first time round, a sign of a good band.

If I had one issue its that some of the lyrics are a bit predictable, they feel like they have been borrowed from other songs. Its not a major issue, its just something for them to work on.

River Fury are well worth a listen, go try them and see what you think. Play them loud and enjoy!

Review - Iain McClay

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