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The Black Bullets - 'When The Devil Comes Knocking' Single Review

'When The Devil Comes Knocking' by The Black Bullets has an anthemic devil-horns in the air classic 80's Rock feel (but a bit meatier), there's a prominent cowbell break after about a minute and a half, always a great idea.

If I were to be completely honest the thing that stands out most is the singer's voice, if it was more Classic Rock this song might feel a little bit like too much of a cliche, it hits many of those essential motifs of Classic Rock (the lyrics mention the devil and gambling too), but his voice is almost a hoarse aggressive breath of fresh air against this backdrop, it's a decent song, done well and feels like it's got a bit of a commercial edge to it, if that's what they wanted then they're ticking the right boxes, all power to them.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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