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Kill The Silence Release Video For New Single 'Memories'

Kill The Silence have released their extremely personal new single 'Memories' with accompanying video and it’s beautiful. Jason Walsh has poured his heart out into this track and says… “There’s a lot I’ve kept to myself for too many years. It’s about time I’m honest with myself, and honest with you. I met someone, a long time ago, who meant more to me than I thought a person could. We met at the wrong time, I was young, immature and I pushed her away. This song has been so difficult to write. There’s a lot of emotions that I’ve bottled up over so many years, I’m both terrified and relieved to release this song because I’ve never really opened up like this, but it’s making me realise keeping these feelings in haven’t been helping me at all. I just want everyone to know, if you meet that someone who has that sort of impact on you, don’t mess them about, hold on to them tight and let them know what you truly mean to them.”

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