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Prophets Of Rage Release Mashup Of Unreleased Tracks In Incendiary Video Titled 'The Ballot Or T

As this historic and volatile election approaches, Prophets Of Rage want to remind people of the importance of exercising their right to vote. The revolutionary musicians Prophets Of Rage: Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, Chuck D, B-Real and DJ Lord released a mashup today of three new unreleased tracks and their latest release, ‘Heart Afire’ into a brand new video. Named after the famous Malcolm X speech ‘The Ballot Or The Bullet’, the video is aimed squarely at turning out voters to next week’s US midterm elections. As the group states in the music video, “There are people trying to keep many of us from being able to vote. Don’t squander the rights we’ve fought so hard to get. Agitate, organize, resist & rebel before, during & after Election Day. In the words of Malcolm X, “it’s got to be the ballot or the bullet.”

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