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Haggard Cat Release Video For New Single 'Goldberg'

The Nottingham duo’s riff-heavy rock and roll was recently unleashed in the form of their album ‘Challenger’ earlier this year. ‘Goldberg’ is one of its songs and the band have this week released a music video for the track. Vocalist and guitarist Matt Reynolds says "With this clip we wanted to try and visually recreate the head-spinning sound of the track's weird mismatching time signatures and dreamy vocals. To get the final effect we ended up hand-building a room within a room and cramming in as many references to the band's life over the last couple of years as we could. I also think this feels like a good natural way to tie together everything we've achieved so far with ‘Challenger’. There are quite a few references to our other videos in there that are fun to try and spot too." This is a timely release for Haggard Cat as they are about to embark on another tour and ‘Goldberg’ is inherently about the toll touring can take. “’Goldberg’ is a very personal song to us,” says Reynolds. “The lyrics deal with how touring and expectation cause deterioration of mental health and how our perception of ourselves on the road can lead to toxic behaviour. Although this might sound quite reflective, it’s actually a very positive song about being more self aware and pulling through to the other side.”

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