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Three From Above - 'What I Want' Single Review

Three From Above have released their new single “What I Want”, the follow up to the brilliant “Hail Caesar!” Having reviewed “Hail Caesar!” I was really looking forward to this new release and, while not as immediately loveable as its predecessor, “What I Want” is another bundle of fun, wrapped in two and a half minutes of great music.

This feels to me like a Punk record…the spike of the music and the brattish refrain “Give me what I want” sounding like it would nestle quite comfortably alongside songs from The Ruts. And, like all great Punk records, a superficial view of the lyrics belies a greater meaning and social commentary. Now, as you know, my track record of guessing the subject matters of songs is woeful (who can forget the 48 page treatise on B*Witched lyrics and their analysis of the Celtic Tiger?) but given that the EU Flag appears as a backdrop when I listen on Soundcloud, I’m guessing this is somewhat Brexit related. Given that, this kind of makes the song feel like it missed its moment…this would have been a perfect backdrop to the outlandish claims and ludicrous mentality of mid to late 2016 (“Vote Leave and we’ll tell you who really shot Kennedy!”), whereas it seems just a bit removed from the more Machiavellian machinations of today. However, as I’ve said, my track record on these things is terrible and it takes nothing away from the song, which is great.

Three From Above continue to impress and I can’t wait for the next single.

Review - Chris Watson

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