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Interview With 'TV COMA'

Firstly, introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the band and how you came to be?

We were wallowing in the void when one day we decided to make our lives even worse by clinging to the dying dream of playing niche Punk songs influenced by Weezer, Jeff Rosenstock and Andy Kaufman.

What were you all up too prior to the band, was this always the chosen path or did you have other dreams and aspirations?

We are all highly successful in lacrosse, retail and warehouse work, earning sometimes up to £7 an hour!! Apart from Jamie (a.k.a Cookie). He is deeply unemployed. As for other dreams, one day Leo and Max would like to headline Wrestlemania and have already planned two stunning skintight outfits.

Tell us about your latest EP and why our readers should check it out?

Our EP is called ‘Body Negativity.’ Our songs are sexy little music worms that wriggle into your ears and never leave. We’re basically parasites armed with hooks that hijack your legs and hypnotise you into mass hysteria. Plus the lyrics are totally like social commentary, man.

Have you ever come face to face with someone within the music scene who has left you awestruck and why?

Leo once met popular millionaire Jimmy Page from ’Stairway To Heaven’ and made him a “very tasty” decaf coffee for free on an unpaid internship. He felt no emotion about the experience and later forgot that it even happened.

If we were to head out to one of your live shows what can ourselves and others expect?

Sexy dancing, guitar solos and the occasional tortured screams of four cool dudes just trying to get by.

If you had one artist/band that you could go on tour with tomorrow who would it be and why?

We would love to go on tour with popular hat model James Bay from Hitchin. We think he has a good face, a loud voice and a large marketing outreach that would be a profitable move for us in a music industry.

You can spend an hour with a musical icon living or dead, who would you pick, why and what would you speak about?

Belinda Carlisle because she was in the best band of all time. We would talk exclusively about how she used to love cocaine and ask her repeatedly if she still has any.

And finally and most importantly is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Well if you analyse the film carefully, Bruce Willis does look remarkably like a Christmas bauble. Coincidence? We think not.

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