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Weekend Recovery - 'In The Mourning' EP Review


1. Bite Your Tongue

2. In the Mourning

3. On My Knees

4. I’m Not That Girl

Weekend Recovery have just released this new EP after a prior full length record, which I will admit I have never heard. The band have a pretty current sound that takes from Punk, Rock, Alternative. They would have made a fun addition to any iteration of the Warped tour, and I have a feeling these songs have even more crunch and bite in the live setting. These are four fun songs that suffer a tiny bit because of the production stealing some of the power from the guitars.

Getting us started, ‘Bite Your Tongue’ comes to life on a fun guitar riff with Lorin’s vocals getting this little party started. I love the way the song transitions from bouncy to reserved before the verses as it creates some nice contrasts in the music. It is not hard to picture a crowd in full motion with this one during the choruses and the end of the song. Title track ‘In The Mourning’ features a cool bass intro by Josh, and I really like the ‘can’t feel my face’ vocal hook by Lorin. I would love to have the guitars by Owen and Lorin turned up a bit in places here, but it ultimately does not take any enjoyment away from the song. This is probably my favorite one at this point and shows the unique Pop Punk style of the band.

‘On My Knees’ shows some old new wave influence being put through a blender and spit out with a 90’s Punk approach by way of youthful exuberance. Marcus (drums) does an excellent job of keeping the beat rather reserved which really gives the song a bit more heaviness. The vocal hook is one that has stayed with me after every listen of this EP. Wrapping things up is the slight grunge influenced ‘I’m Not That Girl’ which shows them exploring similar territory as the great Hands Off Gretel.

Weekend Recovery does a nice job of establishing an identity in a crowded field over the course of just four songs. Much like the band Finding September, Weekend Recovery is showing that there are many new avenues to explore within this genre. If you are a fan of Pop Punk, Alternative, or music that puts some extra kick in your step, give Weekend Recovery a listen. I look forward to hearing where they go next.

‘In the Mourning’ is available now.

Check out the video for ‘In the Mourning’.

Review - Gerald Stansbury

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