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AVALANCHE PARTY Release Video For New Single 'Million Dollar Man'

Yorkshire’s AVALANCHE PARTY have revealed a brand new cut today in the form of vampiric new single 'Million Dollar Man'. Bold and brash, the track features stabbing electronic elements, oscillating bass grooves and captures AVALANCHE PARTY’s undeniable free spirit.

“This song comes from one side of our influences, and there are many more to come. We recorded with Thee Jonny Hooker at Young Thugs Studios in York. Good studio. It’s above a Social Club, so now Glen is an amazing Snooker player and even better dartboard. There was a 60th birthday party going on downstairs during one of the sessions so if you listen closely enough to the 2nd chorus you can hear Cotton Eyed Joe. It was great working with Jonny, we knew him from Fossil Collective firstly and then he and Jared (guitars) worked with each other doing LUUNA. His experience and expertise was invaluable to the process (he’s old as fuk). The video was shot mainly in Staithes, which is where Kane lives and grew up, and where we rehearse and put gigs on at The Captain Cook Inn. Nice seaside village with lovely alleyways – which we enjoyably ran round until 4am. The locals seemed to enjoy the thrill of the filming, judging from the twitching curtains and glut of late night dog walkers. One unfortunate, wheezing Labrador was walked 8 times in the space of an hour, when the shoot was at a particular peak of high action. One more drone would have been the end for Fido”

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