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The XCERTS - 'Late One Night' EP Review


1. Daydream

2. Feels Like Falling In Love

3. Cry

4. Hold On To Your Heart

5. The Dark

The XCERTS have given us an insight into their softer side with 'Late One Night'. It holds five acoustic track from their latest album 'Hold On To Your Heart', which reached number 40 in the album charts so it was no surprise when they have released a striped back version of five tracks from the phenomenal album.

Kicking off with “Daydream” - I find myself singing a long to the track with ease, the gentle drum rhythm flowing in the background. It still sounds just as powerful striped back. A strong start for the lads from Aberdeen. Up next is the now classic XCERTS track “It Feels Like Feeling In Love” which is my favourite encore song ever! Murray has a habit of encouraging the crowd to sing the chorus over and over again, I never ever get bored of it. It also seems recently the crowd are getting much louder each time. Please note this track also contains a harmonica, isn’t that the coolest?!

Now time for “Cry” somehow an even slower tempo then the previous tracks. A song which really magnifies the talent in Murrays voice. The emotion that goes into this track almost draws a tear to my eye, it’s beautiful. Moving onto “Hold Onto Your Heart” the title track from the album and a massive single for the band. Starting with a similar sound but of course missing the big sound of a full band which I feel this track needs, sometimes songs are meant to be played loud.

Last track is “The Dark” is which the opening track from the album, an already gentle track but The XCERTS put their own spin on their own track, if that makes sense? The piano piece settles into the background well - completing the EP with its straining lyrics.

The XCERTS have shown once again the reason they have been going so long. Their talent shines through each track and reflects the hours of work which goes into each note.

Review - Jake Williams

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