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Pirate Copy - 'Swashbuckle & Swagger' Album Review


1. Legends Of The Afterparty 2. Reckless Alice 3. All Drunks On Deck! 4. Dead Man's Dance 5. Somalian Pirates Suck 6. I Ate My Mate 7. Outlaw Pirates 8. Water Water Everywhere 9. Kicked Out The Pub 10. The Crew 11. I’m On A Boat 12. Punk Rock Pirates

Punk never dies, it just evolves. From the days of the 1970s and acts such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols, Through the Chicago Hard-Core scene, the Skate Punk of NOFX and Lagwagon and Pop-Punk of the late 90’s of Blink182 and co. It’s been a living organism of music for decades, and the latest stuff to come through the wires is always a bit different to what you were listening to 10 years ago.

Pirate Copy slip into the older form of Punk. Taking a leaf out of the late 70’s acts, this band wears it’s old school vibe on it’s sleeve with pride. The production sounds like it was recorded in a garage which is not to say it’s poorly done, it’s just got that old style to it.

There are some fun songs there, and the musicians and vocals are what you’d expect from a Punk band, I just wish it did a little more. For me Punk music is always something that can kick up a notch and the album really doesn’t do that. It tends to just flow along at the same beat, and then it flows a bit more….. and a bit more….. and a bit… right, sorry that’s going on a bit, but so do almost all of these songs and it’s what I really disliked about the album.

Punk songs are slap you in the face, raging verses and choruses and then end. 2 minutes of track that grabs you by the nuts, beats you up and then takes you for a kebab at the end. But the majority of the tracks are over 3 minutes, and in some cases really outstay their welcome. To give you an example, The cover of Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat” lasts almost 5 minutes, of which 2 and a half minutes of it is basically the same riff over and over, and over again, with a pretty thrown together solo that just wears out it’s welcome. This may be a fun cover to listen to live, and you can forgive the track going longer then, but on an album where you’re supposed to be shelling out bangers, and showing off your talents, this just seems to be excess filler.

In effect, while the band has a unique idea, in basing songs around being a pirate, the actual execution leaves a little to be desired. The album could be condensed, re-worked and could be a lot stronger with some editing.

Review - Oil Williams

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