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LOWLIVES - 'Burn Forever' EP Review


1. Burn Forever

2. Black Hole

3. Thieves

4. Burn Forever (Acoustic)

Wow, first track in and I can hear Eureka Machines, Nirvana and Alice in Chains. These guys are taking no prisoners! It’s a glorious rifftastic slice of Rock music.

Familiar but different enough to not be boring.

Fast paced and urgent.

'Black Hole', the EPs second track is higher octane Rock, the drum beat blisteringly fast. Very reminiscent of Nirvana on this one, maybe too similar? It doesn’t have the stream of consciousness but vocally I can hear Kurt’s voice. Not sure about the long fade out either, doesn’t add anything to the track.

'Thieves' then, their third offering. Well it’s more of the same. Well done it has to be said, but not enough to engage my attention.

'Burn Forever' (Acoustic) closes strips the opening track to its bare bones. I’m a big fan of acoustic versions so I can here better the songwriting, I reckon if a song works acoustically you will never go far wrong. Again, this is a decent effort but to similar to the seminal MTV Unplugged session that Nirvana did.

After such initial promise I have to say I feel disappointed, I reckon LOWLIVES need to find their feet a bit more, they need to make their sound more their own.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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