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Bury Tomorrow Release Video For New Single 'More Than Mortal'

Bury Tomorrow have revealed their brand new video for new single 'More Than Mortal', which is the 3rd single taken from their recent 5th album 'Black Flame' - out now on Music For Nations. From bass player Davyd Winter-Bates - "The idea of the video came from taking the theme of the song to its ultimate progression. The exploitation of the the masses from celebrity and corporation is portrayed as its own pseudo-future religion and the Black Flame are here to bring it down. We wanted it to feel disorienting and nightmarish, physically showing the “lifting of the veil” on celebrity culture exposing the exploitation and removing its power on those it preys on." "It was insanely fun working closely with the creative team on this one to do something different for us and the performances from Charity Kase and the rest of the actors are next level. The song has already become a fan favourite from 'Black Flame' so we’re very excited to bring that to life visually as well."

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