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Adam Giles Levy - 'Peninsula' EP Review


1. Mightier Than Your Stone

2. What’s So

3. The Ghosts

4. Shadow Son

5. Last Of The Light

'Peninsula' opens with a killer riff on and the untamed energy of 'Mightier Than Your Stone'. This song is about the voice of the sea as it resists the barrage of human intrusion, you can almost feel the force of waves crashing against cliffs, especially with the opening drum beats. Whilst this is the most Rock oriented song on the EP, the acoustic guitar compliments the heavy riffing of the electric axe. Adam has a powerful Rock voice and really delivers on this track.

Adam’s interpretation of John Paul White’s 'What’s So' reminds us not to forget our roots. This is ominous and dark with heavy, swampy riffing. Again the percussion and guitar link up well to give depth to the song. There is a really nice musical interlude with crashing symbols. This version is a lot more bluesy than the original and the musical arrangement makes it a lot darker and atmospheric.

A people’s fight against bureaucracy is at the heart of the third track and lead single, 'The Ghosts'. This is a really contagious number which will get your foot tapping and you singing along. 'The Ghosts' was inspired by the story of a people’s struggle to save their town from a major infrastructure project. A struggle which they lost leading to their relocation. The reservoir that resulted from this project is a beautiful place, with a shady past. It is fitting that in places the song is very haunting and as in the previous track, the music arrangement provides atmosphere. The tempo speeds up, only to slow down again all the way through the song and it is easy to see how this was chosen as the lead track.

The EP gets really bluesy with 'Shadow Son', which is a simple song but perfectly showcases Adam’s gritty, soaring vocals and the sound of Laura Solla’s timeless slide guitar. You can imagine sitting in a dark smokey bar watching this raw song enfold. This is probably my favourite track as I found myself getting lost in Adams vocal and the sublime guitar. The last verse is very poignant 'If you came here to save me, You should know by now that the damage is done, If you came here to save' forget me, forget me, I am just your shadow son'.

Given the Rock and Blues laden songs on the rest of the EP 'Last Of The Light' is a surprising track. It is dreamy with it's absorbing guitar riff and instrumental layers. Nina Polverino’s haunting backing vocal, carries us calmly to the end of this EP just like the horses that are the subject of the song. 'Battle weary horses can you take me far away, You are always there when I need you the most. Battle weary horses can you lead the way, towards the last of the light." Adams main vocal and the haunting backing vocals convey the tired person being transported, and the percussion and guitars convey the strength of the horses. Again the arrangement is stunningly effective in conveying the story.

This EP has a five very different tracks on it. Each one has it's own style and the arrangements are a fundamental part of the story telling. The musicianship is extremely good and the production is crisp. From the opening killer riff, to the dreamy end it holds you transfixed. It is well worth checking out.

Review - Tony Creek

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