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PALE WAVES - 'My Mind Makes Noises' Album Review


1. Eighteen

2. There's A Honey

3. Noises

4. Came In Close

5. Loveless Girl

6. Drive

7. When Did I Lose It All?

8. She

9. One More Time

10. Television Romance

11. Red

12. Kiss

13. Black

14. Karl (I Wonder What It's Like To Die)

PALE WAVES are about to release their highly anticipated debut album “My Mind Makes Noises”. Here is what we’ve had to say.

They hit off their debut album of with “Eighteen” a single which showcases the sound of the album. The beat and chorus fit together well - a track you’ll be forever humming along to. Next up is “There’s A Honey” a sweet track which seems to create a similar sound to “Eighteen” but at a slower pace - another Distorted Pop sound track from PALE WAVES.

Track three “Noises” gives a relief that not all the is following the same sound, beginning by isolating the lead vocals and making them the centre of this track. A track which give us another side to PALE WAVES. It will be interesting which direction the band goes with their next release.

Flowing into “Came In Close” the high tempo track - this gives the band a bigger sound, ready for the thousands of people jumping around at the arena shows with The 1975 next year. Next is “Loveless Girl” a track with brings in an almost electric sound, a deeper sound - there is just so much going on. This is refreshing for the album. Time for “Drive” is doesn’t have a kick to it, I’m waiting for something but this track is just a filler song for the album.

Time to slow is down with “When Did I Lose It”. The heartfelt track brings “My Mind Is Making Noises” to a low point, PALE WAVESP have possibly made an album with too many tracks and stretched themselves too far? You decide.

“She” picks everything back up at walking pace - those synth sounds are ever present and they work with a track just like this. We start to get to jogging pace, the tempo gets faster, we end with a guitar solo to die for. Back to the cheery PALE WAVES and “One More Time” is a happy go lucky track which is just what we needed. Love is the stand out emotion from this track and the album - it’s relatable and will win over the hardcore PALE WAVES fans.

Swinging into “Television Romance” and “Red” these both bring tension which builds and releases. Catchy lyrics are becoming PALE WAVES signature move and each song tells a story which adds a personal touch. “Kiss” brings a similar sound again but I’m not getting bored of it because as mentioned before, it’s easy listening.

Now for something different “Black” - going back to that arena sound we had glimmers of earlier in the LP. A more Rock track means the guitar gets more attention than the effects compared to previous tracks. Last is “Karl (I Wonder What’s It’s Like To Die)” an acoustic piece and I’m surprised this wasn’t placed earlier in the album so there was a break between the similar sounding tracks. This track though is a prefect end to “My Mind Makes Noises”.

PALE WAVES have crafted their own sound and stick with it, they are not trying to be someone else. They are creating art which works for them.

Review - Jake Williams

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