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Electric Six - 'Bride Of The Devil' Album Review


1. The Opener

2. Daddy's Boy

3. (It Gets) (A Little) Jumpy

4. Safety Girl

5. You're Toast

6. Hades Ladies

7. Bride Of The Devil

8. Witches Burning

9. Full Moon Over The Internet

10. Grey Areas

11. The Worm In The Wood

Mention Electric Six and most people will immediately sing either “High Voltage” or “Gay Bar” at you. Whilst this is not the end of the world it does pigeonhole the band into the novelty record. That in itself is a real shame because there is so much more to them than that as 'Bride Of The Devil' proves. Sure the songs are a bit over the top, a bit theatrical but I like that, the vocals at times are very “Captain Beefheart”, and their song structure is reminiscent of the Pixies, especially the second track “Daddy’s Boy”.

This album is not going to win any prizes for subtlety any time soon but who wants that anyway. I like odd, especially when it’s natural as it is here. Forced oddness stands out like a sore thumb. Electric Six's plan of throw everything at it including the kitchen sink works well, it’s a fast paced album, all killer no filler and I was shocked to find out that 'Bride Of The Devil' is the bands fourteenth album to date.

I defy anyone to find any bands fourteenth albums with this much freshness and urgency, these guys show no signs of slowing down or losing their muse. 'Bride Of The Devil' blurs the lines between genres, travelling through Disco, Rock, Metal and New Wave. At times the vocals are pure Beefheart, at others it could be AC-DC screaming at you. The musicianship throughout the record is to be applauded, for all its pomp and circumstance there is nothing on the album that doesn’t need to be there.

Dick Valentine’s ear for a tune and seemingly random inspirations for songs is both amusing and inspiring, as “Hades Ladies”, “Full Moon Over The Internet” and who can forget “The Opener” which obviously kicks the whole thing off.

So Electric Six then? Novelty act? Absolutely not, nobody releases as many albums based on a novelty. Are they novel? Actually yes. 'Bride Of The Devil' is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can take itself far too seriously. The band are having fun, it shows!

'Bride Of The Devil' by Electric Six is an absolute belter of an album and scores a five star rating from me. Now where is my light up codpiece?

Review - Andrew Forcer

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