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Muncie Girls Release Video For New Single 'Clinic'

Muncie Girls’ second album ‘Fixed Ideals’ is out on now and the latest single to be revealed is the anxiety-fuelled ‘Clinic’.

Vocalist and guitarist Lande Hekt wrote it when she first starting having CBT for her anxiety. “It was a really fucking horrible time but I’m glad I wrote it down,” she explains. “This song is half about how important it is to get your mental health checked and ring the DAS, but it’s also about how long it all takes and how unbelievably underfunded it is. I have a lucky time with my mental health compared to so many people, and I have to think about how incredibly hard it is for so many people.”

The music video for ‘Clinic’ is based on Landis’ Facial Expressions Experiment, conducted almost 100 years ago. This experiment was conducted by Dr. Landis with a goal of discovering if all people had a common facial expression while feeling specific emotions in reaction to various objects and scenarios. Of course, they do not.

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