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MAYPINE - 'Bend/Break' EP Review


1. Give

2. Kodokushi

3. Weather

4. Together Alone

Brighton Quintet MAYPINE are back with fresh EP ‘Bend/Break’. Vocalist Jase explains the how the EP took its name in part from the sport of American Football: “A defence might allow a quarterback to throw for 500 yards and complete many passes, but if that offence doesn’t score touchdowns, the defence is said to have bent but not broken. As it relates to the EP, the analogy symbolises an internal struggle with one’s own personal demons. If you keep swimming and you don’t drown, you don’t give in, you don’t quit, then you haven’t broken and you’ve overcome your struggles despite adversity.” With the lyric “Keep my head above water, I’m drowning/How long before something’s got to give”, the band’s lead single ‘Give’ also references this idea directly.

MAYPINE bring their stadium filling alternative sound to new EP “Bend/Break”. It’s feels like they are really onto something with opening track “Give” - a song full of melody. It’s gripping riffs and heart felt lyrics pull you into the track. Next up is "Kodokushi", a driving tune so we can hold on to those summer vibes. Its constant guitar rhythm makes you nod like a bobble head. The interesting track name does make me ask a few questions but let’s now dwell on that.

Quickly into “Weather” - this brings a softer approach to MAYPINE. They have created an easy to listen to EP and “Weather” is a great example of that. “Bend/Break” also highlights issued about being alone and fading away without anyone noticing something which is always hard to talk about. Now sadly time for the final track and it’s a belter!!! “Together Alone” begins with a riff Slash would be proud of - this band are ready to fill the biggest stages in the world. The track brings out a different side to Maypine.

MAYPINE has struck gold with “Bend/Break” - an EP we will look back on and point out as a major turning point for the band.

Review - Jake Williams

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