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WSTR - 'Identity Crisis' Album Review


1. Tell Me More

2. Crisis

3. Bad To The Bone

4. Promiscuous

5. The Latest

6. Silly Me

7. Fling

8. Hide Everything Sharp

9. See You In Hell

10. Ashtray

11. Riddle Me This

WSTR are about the make a bang when their new album “Identity Crisis” which is released on 31st August.

Vocalist Sammy Clifford expressed the band’s desire to push the band’s songwriting, take chances, and bring some swagger into the album.

"We've added all these different genres into our sound while keeping the WSTR roots. This record is about putting the simple things together well and trying to make them great.”

Working once again with long-time friend and producer, Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, As It Is), WSTR channeled the energy of the classics they grew up on and blasted forward with guitar solos, ad libs and sing-a-long choruses that defiantly punches through the crowd.

After extensive touring in the UK/Europe and Australia with bands like Neck Deep and Creeper, marquee festival runs on Slam Dunk Festival and Download Festival and an upcoming North America tour, WSTR is geared up for the year ahead.

Kicking things off with “Tell Me More” - there is already a sudden change for the boys. From the first track, this track sounds full and professional. Next up is fresh new single “Crisis” - an absolute stormer, it’s early chorus gets you into the song from the off. Lyrically it highlights the problems of social media and anxiety, both current subjects at the moment. It’s even worth checking out the video for it for a laugh.

Our third track and “Bad To The Bone” - this feels like your being thrown back to the old Pop-Punk of 2008. Not a bad thing, it’s where most influences more than likely come from for the band. “Promiscuous” and “The Latest” bring us back to Pop-Punk in 2018 and WSTR have put their own stamp on the genre. “Identity Crisis” has given the genre the kick which it needed, they have made it exciting by putting their own style things.

“Silly Me” is a bouncy tune which fills your soul with joy - the lyrics are relatable for everyone, it’s a fun song but lyrically doesn’t feel like it should be, maybe we should just enjoy ourselves anyway, right? Fuelled by a riff Jimi Hendrix would be proud of - “Fling” has a punch we haven’t come cross during this album yet. Keeping with the punching - “Hide Everything Sharp” has a fast tempo which will fill a room with energy when played live. WSTR have found their sound.

Slowing things down with “See You In Hell” and “Ashtray”, we get to see a different side to the band, something which is make or break for an album and this is a make for sure! Time for the last track “Riddle Me This” - it’s a prefect end to a outstanding album,

“Identity Crisis” is not what WSTR are struggling with, they have found their identity and I’m in love with it.

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Review - Jake Williams

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