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Happy. - 'Cult Classic' Album Review


1. How To Lose A Girl In 1:45

2. Don't Overdose And Drive

3. Winona Ryder

4. I Call Shotgun

5. Drowners

6. Lucky

7. With A Y

8. Fishtank

9. Wonder

10. Where The Wild Things Were

Happy. are about to release their latest record “Cult Classic”.

A gentle start with “How To Lose A Girl In 1:45” - it almost sounds like the start of a Hollywood movie but not for long as we break into chaos. Enter Happy.

Next up is “Don’t Overdose And Drive”, for starters it’s something none of us should do. This is a track which screams out daily struggles of day to day life. A well crafted song with a solid riff and rhythm, it makes you feel happy inside. Turn your volume up to 11 for “Winona Ryder” and “l Call Shotgun”. Both have a sing-along chorus to die for, it encourages you to get up and bounce around, if these aren’t lead singles, then what are?

Now a chance to slow things down with “Drowner”. It has a peaceful tone but not for long, the Grunge influence comes smashing through into your eardrums! “Lucky” keeps the Grunge flowing, it’s fast tempo and easy listening lyrics makes you feel like your walking through a field of daisies, having the best time.

Next up is “With A Y” an absolute classic catchy song with woes and everything! Well worth a listen if you’d like a song stuck in your head! Now “Fishtank” a track which keeps with the Emo-Grunge theme which Happy have created, another track which sounds a little of the same.

This album needs a striped back song and “Wonder” brings just that, it’s chilled out vibes brings the album to a nice end but there is one more track in “Where The Wild Things”. It’s back to 11, this track brings rough vocals but the same heart break lyrics.

Overall “Cult Classic” has glimmers of genius, it’s catchy chorus are a great foundation for the band. Listening to the album from start to finish it’s aggressive guitars where softened by heart broken lyrics which sadly become repetitive over time.

Review - Jake Williams

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