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Arcane Roots Release Video For New Single 'Matter (Revel)'

Arcane Roots have released their brand new single/video for 'Matter (Revel)', the 2nd track taken from the bands soon to be released new 'Landslide' EP - September 14th through Easy Life Records

From Arcane Roots vocalist and guitarist, Andrew Groves on the single 'Matter (Revel)' - "'Matter' was one of the first tracks to be written for 'Melancholia Hymns', all the way back in 2015. It was always intended to be the second track on the record and, thankfully, it arrived almost fully formed and perfectly exemplifying the heavier aspects of the album. Lyrically, it grew out of the bitterness & resentment I was harbouring against the political climate at the time, and to say that things have changed since then would be somewhat of an understatement. Now, given the chance to re-work it & finally release the (previously dormant) video, I wanted it to feel like the spinning decent into despair & disparity that all but surrounds us on a daily basis through our screens. I wanted the production to reflect this, like a dark fantasy of crawling through the filth, our hearts & minds consumed with revenge and retribution, like a mirror to the very injustices we'd seen, as we became more like the aggressors. Programmed at my home studio, and inspired by artists like Sevdaliza & Björk, the space and simplicity became something both paramount and punishing while we wrangled with each sound to keep it feeling like it was just bubbling beneath the surface." "The video (co-directed by Olly Jelly & myself and produced by Sophia Groves) leant itself perfectly to the even darker twist we desired and, though shot over a year previously, it's linear narrative inspired by Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth & Ophelia, remained the perfect base from which to treat and contort the footage into the surreal nightmare we imagined. Her gradual acceptance of the darker desires of her character and eventual metamorphosis, echoes that of the darker aspects of humanity and our susceptibility to despondence, oppression & xenophobia."

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