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Happy. Release Video For New Single 'I Call Shotgun'

Happy. premiere their brand new music video for “I Call Shotgun.” The song dives into the nervous feelings in the early stages of a relationship, where things are still very new and exciting, but undefined. Vocalist Tate Logan expands, "Like riding passenger in a car, you aren't in control, no matter how much you try. It's very upbeat though, because not being in control isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's good to learn to share control, and take second seat to people, and balance better. Relationships are about balance and understanding and being on the same page, and this song is chaotic in the sense of a fast paced, wild, relationship that you never really feel like you have a good grip on, but just going with the flow and riding it out, because it's good to try new things and learn new things"

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