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Homebound - 'More To Me Than Misery' EP Review


1. Change Of Heart

2. Coming Clean

3. Truth Be Told

4. Indelible

5. Yours Truly

Homebound are back with huge new EP “More To Me Than Misery”. We start off with hard hitting “Change Of Heart” - it’s powerful riffs matched with an explosive chorus is spectacular! This track gives a different style of Pop-Punk to the band, who are now moulding a new sound for themselves.

Time for lead single “Coming Clean” - the bouncy beat keeps you on your toes but this track also shows the emotional side of Homebound. After just two tracks, it feels like a new band ready to make an even bigger dent in the industry than they already have.

Lead vocalist, Charlie Boughton adds this after the video release for the single; “​'Coming Clean' relates to the anxiety felt when closing in on an inevitable confrontation. The over-thinking and played out scenarios we mull over and over in our heads until we realise there’s nothing left to do but say what needs to be said.

We wanted a video that mirrored the energy and aggression of the song, and much like the whole record, we wanted something that best represented the band that we are. ”

Back into the mix of it, “Truth Be Told”. It’s like throwing back the years with old Pop-Punk phase one but all the good stuff with a modern spin, Homebound have got it just right with this track. Next up is “Indelible” - a gentle touch is not what this EP needed but the track builds and it’s back to the emotion we felt earlier. The perfectly timed build ups create an atmosphere of energy and passion for the band - just imagine this live.

“More To Me Than Misery” follows 2017’s EP ​“The Mould You Build Yourself Around” and showcases new life in ​Homebound. Charlie Boughton had this to say about the forthcoming record:

“'More To Me Than Misery' draws on the many pitfalls when searching for happiness in love and life. Last year was possibly the best and worst of my life for the very same reasons and you begin to fear the very things that once made you who you are. Honesty is a strong theme throughout the record, not just lyrically but I feel it transpires right through to the very core of everything we did with MTMTM. We treated the whole process like it was the last thing we might ever do as a band and I believe that’s made for the best collection of songs we’ve written to date. There’s certainly no hiding the fact that it’s a sharp change from the previous Homebound but it’s definitely the closest representation of the band we want to become”

Onto the last track “Yours Truly”, this track creates another step in the right direction for Homebound. It’s more Alternative Rock vibe echos across every note, it creates a fuller sound compared to the other tracks on this EP.

Review - Jake Williams

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