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Hanterhir - 'The Saving Of Cadan' Album Review


1. Hello Sunshine

2. Cadan

3. Arloedthes a'n Lydn

4. Hope Comes With Love

5. Delivered Hope

6. Song Of The Lady

7. Sorrow Goes

8. Darallow

9. Tonight

10. Step Backwards

11. The Fisherman

12. The Dream

13. The Sun Came Up

14 The Light 2

15. Alone Again

16. Worlds Apart

17. Morwenna And The Lamb

18. Dygoweth

19. Tales

20. How It's Always Been

21. Or Without You

I asked for something odd to review! I got The Saving of Cadan, essentially a concept album sprawling over two cds or 5 sides of vinyl. Except maybe sprawling isn’t the right word, I mean sure they go off at strange angles, but I don’t think anything could have been left out, every note, every sound seems to count.

At times Hanterhir remind me of james, not that they sound like them; it’s more the way the songs seem to evolve from a cacophony. Recorded partly in Cornish and partly in English it could be described as being strange for the sake of it, but they don’t seem that way to me.

According to their press release 'The Saving Of Cadan' was recorded in a chapel, a llama farm and a cricket club as well as a more conventional studio again could be weird for the sake of it but maybe not.

The more I listen to this album, the more I’m reminded of bands like Dead Can Dance, Arcade Fire, Ride and The Flaming Lips. Perhaps it’s their otherworldliness, a core group of musicians adding members when needed. The album happily strolls through Metal, Folk, Electronic, Psychadelia and Indie, never staying to long in any one genre. This really needs the listener’s full attention; I would suggest the vinyl option, mainly as it demands more attention to operate.

'The Saving Of Cadan' is a beautiful, melodic, uplifting experience, again for me it couldn’t have been improved upon. 21 tracks and 1 hour and 41 minutes of perfection. Not bad for their first release. I could spend as long as the entire album telling you why it’s marvellous, but hey, why not trust me with these few words: Buy the album!

I give 'The Saving Of Cadan' by Hanterhir 5 stars. Now does anyone want to buy me the vinyl?

Review - Andrew Forcer

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