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Selfish Things Release Video For New Single 'Hangman'

Toronto-based Alternative Rock band Selfish Things have released a video for their song "Hangman," a cut from their EP 'Vertical Love' which was released earlier this year. When asked about the video, frontman Alex Biro said that “We were a month and a half into tour (hence me looking so fucking tired) and ended up driving back to Cleveland after our show in Columbus to knock out the video. The director and his team had scouted a pretty desolate, blown out, old tire factory in a particularly rundown part of the city, which really fit well aesthetically with the overall concept of the song. We wanted to focus on iconographic elements that amplified the message while still trying play to the lyrics (the hanging hearts, for example). I hope people enjoy it more than I did making it - don’t sit in a coffin with nightcrawler’s.”

On the song itself, Alex says that "I wrote 'Hangman' before Selfish Things was really even 'Selfish Things.’ I was working at a fine dining restaurant in downtown Toronto and had found myself particularly tired of how frivolous the wealthy are with their money well knowing how many people struggle to put food on the table. I actually wrote the entire second verse/pre-chorus on the streetcar, on my way to work. The rest kind of came as I fell down a rabbit hole of 'Am I doing the right thing with my life, have I made the right decisions, why am I so full of anger/hate, etc.’ We all deal with ghosts. The chorus addresses them.”

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