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Jet Frontman Nic Cester, Releases Animated Video For New Single 'Psichebello'

After selling 6 million records with the resurgent Rock ‘n’ Rollers Jet, Nic Cester builds towards the July 27th release of his debut album ‘Sugar Rush’by sharing video for track ‘Psichebello’.

Swelling with psychedelic undertones and harmonies, ‘Psichebello’ showcases a softer side of the Jet frontman’s distinct vocals. “Like most of the songs on the album I was enjoying flirting with different genres and then spinning them into something else,” explains Cester. “‘Psichebello’is the most psychedelic track on the album and the moment that highlights the abilities of the amazing Italian musicians who I had the pleasure to record with.”

“After listening to the track a bunch of times a really clear image emerged,” the clip’s director Dr D Foothead says. “I saw an environment where ideas live and float about waiting to travel through and manifest in the world. I wanted to try and tell the story of an idea passing through into another reality where it would affect and transform the beings who lived there.”

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