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Slowly Slowly Release Video For New Single 'Smile Lines'

Slowly Slowly have revealed their next single and video 'Smile Lines'. The next single lifted from 'St. Leonards'. One of the grungier offerings from 'St. Leonards', the dark, haunting refrain of 'Smile Lines' is captured perfectly through the lens of Garrod, whose sunny disposition masks a vulnerable and complex soul.

On 'Smile Lines' frontman Ben Stewart says: “We wrote the heavier sections as a band and had a lot of fun jumping around injecting it with energy. I sat with the quiet elements at home, trying to impart a conflicted narrative, which I felt would be an important backdrop to the more aggressive moments we had in the rehearsal room. The juxtaposition felt right and that’s where Michael Roberts and I dreamed up the character of Garrod, the Jekyll and Hyde supermarket employee, harshly torn between his watered-down self and a complex rawness only present behind closed doors. Take what you want from the storyline, but for me the song centres around becoming entangled in your own web - the more you thrash around the worse it gets. Thomas Watson (Garrod) was incredible to work with and took us back and forth from stunned silence to roaring laughter over and over again in a very cold house one night in Brunswick.”

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