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Julien-K Release Video For New Single 'Photo Voltaire'

Long Beach, CA based Indietronic band Julien-K has released the official music video for their single, "Photo Voltaire.".

"'Photo Voltaire' is very much a song about the struggle in our lives as artists - and for once, about a victory. I thought of the concept for the song lyrics and meaning one day at 5AM, prepping my board at the beach to surf in CA_X, and the unfinished version of the song we had been playing with for months but could not 'solve' was solved immediately by the sun exploding over the ocean line @ nearly 6am …. The concept 'Photo Voltaire' - the explosion of the sun in my own words - and the chorus popped into my head. This has been an analog for the band ever since. All the touring, crowdfunding, fan support, and so much more that has happened for us since we gave in to total honesty and authenticity. Our fans connect with this and us. All the opportunities - it's like the sun exploding out of nowhere in our lives.” - Julien-K

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