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Shallow Side - 'Origins' Album Review


1. Crutch

2. Rebel

3. My Addiction

4. Crazy

5. Can You Hear Me

6. Try To Fight It

7. Stand Up

8. We Won't Die

9. Home Today

10. Try To Fight It (Acoustic)

11. Out Of Reach (Acoustic)

If you’re already a fan of Shallow Side, then a large portion of 'Origins' will be familiar to you. It combines the EPs 'Home Today' (2012), 'Stand Up' (2014) and 'One' (2017). However, the addition of three previously unreleased tracks all mix together to make 'Origins', the segue to the much anticipated full length album released later in 2018.

Four guys from Alabama put together Shallow Side, and they mix very well. They all bring something special to the fold, soaring vocals, aggressive yet carefully constructed guitar work, pounding bass lines and perfectly fitting drums all gel to make the sound that Shallow Side are keeping going – good Rock 'n Roll.

Admittedly, I would have preferred some new additions to the album, rather than all old tracks with some acoustic versions, but in a way it seems like this chapter is closing off with 'Origins' and the band are awaiting the time to release their full length album.

If it’s anything like these songs, 'Out Of Reach' and 'Crutch' being my two core favourites, the new offering will be something to look forward to.

Overall, 'Origins' is a solid release, with some excellent tracks to keep your attention and leave you wanting more.

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Review - Vikki Holding

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