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2000 Trees Festival Preview: Interview With 'Black Foxxes'

Ahead of their performance at this years 2000 Trees Festival we've had a quick chat with Black Foxxes.

So, excited to play 2000 Trees once again?

Absolutely! This is one of, if not the best festival in the UK. We always have the best shows at 2000 Trees.

Any interesting stories from the last time you played?

There was a cat watching us last year. That’s pretty insane!

What’s your favourite thing about 2000 Trees?

It’s just big enough to feel like a bustling festival which keeps it exciting, but it is a smaller festival which has a unique charm about it. Plus, the acoustic stage in the woods is amazing!

2000 Trees has a capacity of 5,000 how does this add to the atmosphere of the festival?

Like I said before it’s just big enough to have a great atmosphere. The festival site isn’t massive so you’re never feeling put out jumping from stage to stage. It really is the perfect site.

Which bands are you hoping to watch while at the festival?

I think collectively we’re all really excited to catch At The Drive In. Sadly, we’re only there for the Thursday but we would have loved to see Hell Is For Heroes. What a band.

Any tips for someone’s first time at 2000 Trees?

Make sure you hit up the acoustic stage, especially if there’s a band or artist playing that you like; you won’t be disappointed.

What’s your go-to festival food?

Probably some form of noodles, ideally Thai. It feels a little less unhealthy than most other options but that could be a placebo effect?

I’ve seen you grow as a band; how was your headline tour? It looked like every show was packed to the rafters.

It was really great. We didn’t know what to expect and every show really blew us away. The way everyone has embraced this band and our new record Reidi has been nothing short of beautiful. We really couldn’t have imagined the tour going that well.

You’ve been in the studio a lot lately; is that planned or do you try to catch the moment?

We’re really into being as active as we can so, since festival season affords us a fair bit of down time, we’re been writing as much as possible. Having as much material down as possible is always a great thing.

As a band, do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

I think we hit some form of block a long time ago, before we put our first record out, but it didn’t last long.

Finally, what’s your number one festival tip?

Get the balance of food and alcohol right. There’s nothing worse than being too drunk too early. Keep hydrated and have fun.

Interview - Jake Williams

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