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Sleep Token - 'Jaws' Single Review

To coincide with their latest, and highest profile, live shows (or rituals as they describe them) at Camden Rocks and Download, as well as live sessions on Radio 1, Sleep Token return with their new release “Jaws”. Ever since I reviewed their previous EP “Two”, I’ve been looking forward to hearing something new from them, somewhat nervously it has to be said. What if “Two” was just a one off and they’re not as good as I thought?

First listen to “Jaws” shows me to be a dafty trousers for worrying – Vessel’s voice is still distinctive and effective and there’s that same feeling that they have spent a lot of time getting this to sound as lush and layered as it is. Epic drums work in tandem with a simple but haunting keyboard refrain, guitars and bass wading in heavily adding the power which counterbalances beautifully with Vessel’s vocals while echoing backing vocals add yet further depth. “Jaws” weighs in at just over 6 minutes but, like “Calcutta” previously, could probably do with a judicious edit…it feels like it should finish at around 4:58 but that’s just being picky really.

I’ve reviewed this by listening on YouTube, as no promo copy was forthcoming, which is a shame as I feel certain I’m missing out on other tracks which means trawling through said video channel and, without fail, that always ends in me finding something Russian and, quite frankly, scary. That said, it’s good to have them back and even better to find that quality and craftsmanship still at the forefront.

If you haven’t heard Sleep Token yet, make “Jaws” your gateway track – you won’t regret it.

Review - Chris Watson

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