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Leashes Release Video For Politically Charged New Single 'Between The Lines'

London-based Heavy Alternative quartet Leashes has revealed the group’s socially and politically charged new single “Between The Lines”. Consisting of fat, punchy distorted bass, eerie guitar and keyboard effects with ominous vocal droning, which translate into disturbing, bleak, aggressive and claustrophobic atmosphere, “Between The Lines” provides an aesthetically pandering framework of a combination of harsh screams and a string of engaging melodic choices to make a sharply interesting experience, engulfed in gloomy ambience, weeping guitars and a punchy and infectious rhythm section, ultimately delivering unhinged and uncomfortable progression, which still possesses an easy listening sensibility, as the unique characteristics of the final product are all outlined and emphasized by the accompanying frenetic visual presentation.

"Between The Lines" is a very personal track for Leashes, as the provided by the band additional explanation includes: “This song was inspired heavily from what Brexit referendum brought to this country and the world. All this toxicity, the painful realization that lies of the few could be so powerful and persuasive that they pushed many people down the path of hate – it’s still a pill hard to swallow, especially because most of us are immigrants in the UK. But this song is also about the destructive nature of human actions as a whole towards our planet and thus towards humankind itself. It bears this feeling of alienation on a very personal level, being lost in this thoughtless, greed-ridden, sick society that is gradually getting stripped of basic rights and freedoms without realizing it, not being able to read between the lines."

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