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Jordan Mackampa Releases Video For New Single 'One In The Same'

The soulful and inquisitive talent that is Jordan Mackampa releases the video for ‘One In The Same’ on which delivers a strong message, effortless vocals with an upbeat melody taking you on a four-minute journey of pure pleasure. Speaking on the video, Jordan quotes: "The video provides a visual narrative, as told by two dancers; to all the messages that are within the song i.e the feelings of isolation & being on your own, until you find someone who's going through the struggle as you and finding out how to cope with it together. It doesn't matter where you both have come from, or look like, because in that one moment where you're dancing together, you're one in the same, and even when their dancing alone they can feel the other person there with them, because of the bond they've built."

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