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Calm For The Restless - ‘Finish What You Started’ Album Review


1. The Destination

2. Chase A Life

3. I'm A Lion

4. Rogues

5. Brothers

6. We Need To Wake Up

7. Crossfire

8. Moving On

9. The Journey

10. 10 Years

Calm For The Restless are from Stevenage in Hertfordshire which has also brought Charli XCX to the world. There is no comparison between Charli and Calm For The Restless though. She is a Queen in the Pop dance field while Calm For The Restless have the skill, riffs, melodies and raw talent to turn them into Rock royalty.

Originally formed in 2007 they took a three year break before reforming in 2012 and releasing their first EP 'We Started a Fire' in 2013. This was followed by the ‘Destroyed But Not Defeated’ EP in 2015. Both of which garnered some great reviews at the time. But now the anticipation is increasing at a rapid pace for the launch of their first album ‘Finish What You Started’ in August this year.

I can hear some of their stated influences in their sound, notably Incubus, the Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro. There is also a softer, heartfelt and highly intelligent sound to their song writing which is perfectly framed in the open heart of “We Need To Wake Up”, a true anthem which in places is reminiscent of Green Days “Wake Me Up When September Comes”. But outside of that these boys know how to rock hard and seem to possess an endless supply of the finest Rock riffs that drive some staggeringly good songs.

This album has some hooks to die for, especially “Crossfire” from which the “Don’t shoot the messenger” refrain has checked into my brain and refuses to leave! Album opener “The Destination” has a Prog tinged opening but soon settles into a driving, Funky Rock groove in which showcases their inner Foo Fighters. The fuzzy almost lo-fi intro to “I’m A Lion” soon fades up to a sharp edged riff festival with a driving beat that I guess you could say makes the tune roar!

Lyrically the tunes on this LP are at times Beatlesesque and despite being an epic Rock band the melodies suggest that Calm For The Restless have a great Pop sensibility too. I can imagine some of these songs blasting out across festival fields for years to come.

Some see this band as an underground band, well this album gives them the tools to dig their way to the surface and way beyond. In fact the musicianship on this record is phenomenal and I believe this collection of classic Pop Rock songs has the potential to launch Calm For The Restless into the stratosphere.

Review - Bill Adamson

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