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Sink The Ship - 'Persevere' Album Review


1. Second Chances

2. Out Of Here

3. Domestic Dispute (feat. Bert Poncet)

4. Everything (feat. Levi Benton)

5. Nail Biter

6. Put Up Or Shut Up

7. Persevere

8. Trust Your Gut

9. Strike First

10. Exposing The Hype

11. Deadweight

12. Take This To Heart

13. The Chase

14. Domestic Dispute (Acoustic Version)

Sink The Ship haven’t been around too long - they are currently trying to refresh Easycore. A genre which has been forced into our lives the last few years. Can Sink The Ship bring a new lease of life into Easycore?

Kicking things off with “Second Chances” which straight away throws you into the deep end of Metal with no chance to relax until we get the chorus - its clean vocals sit in the right place for a sing along. “Out Of Here” is up next and its the same mix of clean and heavy vocals - this makes the album repetitive.

Moving onto “Domestic Dispute” and “Everything” - from the off, these tracks are much faster. There is a build of energy throughout both first verses. The drum patterns are especially more up beat and exciting - this brings an edge to these tracks which we haven’t heard yet. Sadly the mix of clean and heavy vocals is still ever present.

“Persevere” brings the punch in the face this album needed, it still has the mix of clean and heavy vocals but they seem to flow smoother into each other - this makes the track stand out from the rest so far.

Tapping into “Trust Your Gut” and it’s a slightly different sound from Sink The Ship - this tracks brings the electronic sound to the album, it’s refreshing to hear. Soon enough we are back to the boring mix of clean and heavy vocals with “Exposing The Hype” and “Deadweight” - It’s becoming tenuous.

We’re into the tail end of "Persevere" - time for classic Sink The Ship sound with “Take This To Heart” which shows a softer side to the band, this track is easy to listen to and well structured. Last up is “The Chase” a track which is my favourite from the album because it doesn’t try, its flows. This track has a natural feel to it - a perfect end to the album.

Sink The Ship cross over multiple sub-genres. This shows in their work but its a shame the classic sounds of Easycore is used so much at the start of the album.

Review - Jake Williams

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