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Societys Plague - 'Call To The Void' Album Review


1. Ashes For Air

2. Whispers

3. Distant Waves (feat. Bjorn "Speed" Strid)

4. The Fall

5. Broken By Design

6. Paramnesia

7. Fear Is Failure

8. Abomination (feat. Michael Smith)

9. Dusk

10. Rise Of The Eidolon

Hailing from Kentucky, Society’s Plague are relatively new to the Melodic Metal scene. 'Call To The Void' is their second full length album, and they already have Bjorn from Soilwork doing guest vocals.

The vocals alternate between some pretty quality screaming and melodic vocals that complement the screams well. Heavy drum beats, pounding guitars and a protruding bass line goes along with these on pretty much every track, giving a consistent yet sometimes expected match to the lyrics.

If there is one standout track on the whole album, I’d say it was 'Distance Waves', but whether that is due to the guest slot by Bjorn Strid or not is as yet unknown.

I wouldn’t say this is a bad album, in fact I really enjoyed listening to it a few times. However, it is very middle of the road and I can’t see anything really ‘wow’ about it. I think given a bit more time and more focus on creating their own sound Society’s Plague could make much better collections, as their music talent is obvious.

It just seems that there are a lot of bands that are doing this style of music, and this wasn’t one of the standout pieces for me.

Review - Vikki Holding

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