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TesseracT - 'Sonder' Album Review


1. Luminary

2. King

3. Orbital

4. Juno

5. Beneath My Skin

6. Mirror Image

7. Smile

8. The Arrow

So... TesseracT (is that right?) I've heard the name a lot, they're pretty well established, I had an aural image in my head as I put this album on for the first time...

... I wasn't entirely correct, TesseracT (until someone tells me otherwise, that's how I'm "Stylizing" their name) are an intriguing blend of being almost what I expected and also being a lot more dynamic than I'd given them credit for before hearing them properly.

Still (I believe) classed as Djent too (I'm hearing a lot more Djent these days than I might have chosen to listen to a few months ago, look at me becoming more diverse in my tastes) so you do get a good quotient of down-tuned extra-stringed guitars going on here, if that's what you want it's here in spades, if you prefer a more dynamic musical experience this will provide that too, the songs have a lot of movement, with an almost mathematical musical precision in places.

Brutally beautiful might be one oxymoron to describe the music the band have created here, the album is full of little moments of beauty and aggressive riffing in equal measure, I feel like although this may have been the first TesseracT album I've heard (and in that, I am late to the table) it certainly won't be the last.

Review - Mike McLaughlin

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