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Dame Jean Release Video For New Single 'Joke's On You'

The follow-up to their head swivelling debut track ‘Wasted Love’ shows Dame Jean are no one-trick pony. Souped-up on gasoline powered guitar-lines and boasting a chorus customised to leave scorch marks across your skull, “Joke’s On You” is another prime piece of garage-punk panache from the Bath-based outfit.

Filmed at their recent single launch show at The Bell venue in Bath, the video for “Joke’s On You”, finds the band dolled up to the nines and performing to a gaggle of glitter queens moshing with wild abandon at what appears to be one sordid soiree. Talking about the new track and video, Dame Jean frontman Sammy Crocker says: “Joke’s on you is a frenzied surf ditty about the fearless confidence that comes after being broken and using that to drive you in spite of anything or anyone. It’s also an excuse to make a lot of very loud noises and scream about swamp monsters between sickly Pop hooks. We always have so much fun playing this live that it only made sense to capture that in our video. You can see our beautiful sweet queens all glammed up at one of our shows and the freaky celebrations that occurred afterwards.”

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