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Various Artists - 'Tracks You Might Have Missed Vol.3' Album Review


1. SEMI-PRO – Sunny

2. ALTERED SKY – Stupid In The Dark

3. BRAINCOATS – Animals

4. CANAVAR – Sacrilege 5. VICTORY KID – My World

6. SORRY MOM – Rupture

7. WITHIN SHADOWS – Enough Is Enough

8. LAST HOUNDS – Lay Me Down

9. SHARK BAIT – Please Guy



12. HEAVY SLEEPER – Night Swim

13. LIFE IS SHORT – Life Is Short

14. HIGHLIVES – Nothing Left

15 – SHACKLEFORD – Dopamine

16. I PLEAD GUILTY – For The Sake Of Nothing

17. BARE TEETH – Parted Ways


19. LATTE+ - It’s Ok For Us

20. BETTER THAN NEVER – Learning To Swim

21. REALMS – Painted Demons


23. SUNSET RADIO – Surrounded

24. A FEW TOO MANY – Moving Forwards

I’m at an age when I want to hear new music but don’t have the patience to listen through a load of dross on the radio on the off chance they play a decent tune.

Anyway most of the stuff I listen to these days doesn’t get near the mainstream. That’s why albums like this are a Godsend. Basically it’s a compilation of up and coming bands, a chance for them to reach an audience they may otherwise not have access to. It’s also a great way for people like me to hear bands you wouldn’t normally come across. This release focuses on Alternative/Punk bands.

Sadly for me the album doesn’t live up to the idea. After a while the bands stop being different bands, to my old ears they all fit into a very narrow genre and each track I’m left thinking “Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41”. There are a few exceptions that pique my interest, Canavar – 'Sacrilege', and Life Is Short - 'Life Is Short' are both stand out tracks for me.

So the question is would I buy this album? I suppose that’s the purpose of a review. Well actually yes I would, why wouldn’t I? A chance to hear 24 bands I would otherwise not have heard for the price of a cd, I’d be a fool not to. Okay this time most of the bands aren’t my kind of thing but that’s always the risk you take.

I would like to see more record labels (I’m showing my age) doing this. I can’t be the only one disinterested in radio but with a thirst for new bands. With all that in mind I’m awarding 'Tracks You Might Have Missed V3' 4 stars, if I had personally liked more bands it would have been 5!

Give it a go, be a risk taker, that’s how new music will survive!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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