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The Silver Bayonets - 'Braveface' Album Review


1. Real Like You

2. Storms Inside

3. Time Machines

4. Inside the Jar

5. World Slow Down

6. Sour

7. How We Heal

8. Fake

9. Suffocating Me

10. Domino

Before I even touch on the music I want to talk about the bands advertising campaign. An advert on Facebook got me interested, you have to like the page, once you do you receive a boatload of private messages with samples of tracks, links to their web shop and general reminders that the band exist. I like it, feels a fresh way to go about promotion, aiming your efforts at those showing an interest.

So onto the music then. The music is well produced, the band sound tight and capable at what they do, the opening track “Real Like You” is punchy and so far they don’t instantly remind me of any other band which is always a plus in my book.

'Storms Inside' continues in the same vein, I particularly like the dual vocals, makes the track stand out. These guys aren’t afraid of a guitar solo either, more bands should embrace the guitar solo! Yup I’m nodding my head listening to this album so far, they must be doing something right!

'Time Machines' starts off more tentatively and builds through the song, is that twin guitar I hear in the background? Another tick off the “What makes a great Rock band” list. Well they are totally keeping my interest so far. Ooooh and the vocals on this track reminds me of The Idol Dead!

'Inside The Jar' is a slow one, guitar and style of song reminiscent of Metallica on “The Unforgiven”. There is something about The Silver Bayonets that I can’t put my finger on but it’s making me like them more with every song.

'World Slow Down' picks up the pace again, it’s a jaunty number. The guys seem to have got the track listing spot on so far which is a talent in itself! Singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Kabir Sheiks vocals are not a traditional Rock front mans style, I suspect that is what makes their music so interesting.

'Sour' slows everything down again. It shows a more vulnerable side to this three piece. As I keep saying there is something about this band and it’s driving me mad that I can’t think what it is.

'How We Heal' has a tidal feel to it, acoustic gives way to electric back to acoustic as the tide ebbs and flows. The Silver Bayonets are a well honed unit. This album so far is delivering in buckets, as they say “All killer, no filler”. The guitar work on here is sublime, the production excellent, and the mix just right.

'Fake' stands out for its driving bass line, it’s great to hear the rest of the band getting a look in, the bass is high in the mix on this one which works. Producer Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Kerbdog) has achieved an excellent balance and cohesiveness to 'Braveface'.

'Suffocating Me', the penultimate track (so far through already? Only seems a few minutes since I started on it) has a wall of sound feel to it, to use a water analogy again it’s like a tidal wave of guitar during the chorus.

The album closes with 'Domino'. Daft I know but this should be the last track, I’ve said it before but the track listing has been very well thought out. 'Domino' is a mid tempo affair, guitar solo heaven, the bad showing the audience their stuff and letting you know they are here!

'Braveface' is a hell of an album. The band should be very proud of what they have achieved. The fact that they are a DIY band, releasing on their own label, marketing themselves. Wow. Job done guys.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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