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Escape The Fate - 'I Am Human' Album Review


1. Beautifully Tragic

2. Broken Heart

3. Four Letter Word

4. I Will Make It Up To You

5. Bleed For Me

6. Do You Love Me

7. I Am Human

8. If Only

9. Empire

10. Recipe For Disaster

11. Riot

12. Digging My Own Grave

13. Resistance

14. Let Me Be

Escape The Fate return with their 6th album, 'I Am Human'. With the release date pushed back a few weeks, fans were highly anticipating this album.

For me, Escape The Fate were the Metalcore band of my late teens, and I have really enjoyed all their output. 'I Am Human' is very different to this, and although there are more Pop elements in the tracks with the use of synthesisers, it still has that edge that people have came to expect from Escape The Fate.

If I’m honest, it’s a great album and I think it will sound huge when performed live. It is a change in direction, but I think that bands sometimes need this to stop their output becoming stale, so it’s a welcome change.

Opening to arena-rock guitars on 'Beautifully Tragic', we are treated to a thorough Rock 'n Roll toast to a career of highs and lows, detailing the lifespan of the band. Following this, comes two tracks that give Escape The Fate the chance to craft proper anthems, worthy or huge arena singalongs. Using gang vocals, weaving guitar parts and infectious harmonies, both 'Broken Heart' and 'Four Letter Word' show us exactly why Escape The Fate are still around.

'I Am Human' is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but it embraces everyone’s human side, and shows off the side of the band who aren’t afraid to write about emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

This is a solid album, and no matter the differences and changes, will hopefully give Escape The Fate the jump to the higher recognition they deserve.

Review - Vikki Holding

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