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Edenthorn - 'Exist' Album Review


1. Out Of The Dark 2. Heart's Still Beating

3. Power 4. Mind Like A Minefield

5. Live In The Now 6. The Noise In My Head

7. The Unknown 8. Black Cloud 9. Where Did You Go?

10. Garden Of Heaven

11. Speak To Me

Spoiler Alert – this review contains what some might consider to be music fan heresy.

Durham band Edenthorn self release their debut album “Exist” on April 20th, hot on the heels of their single release “Heart’s Still Beating”. The band have had radio support from BBC Tees and North East, as well as other regional radio plays.

The album is 11 tracks (including the single) and tops out at 44 minutes. The blurb states that the album is “…jam packed full of massive riffs, catchy choruses and melodic vocals to singalong to” and, to be fair, it has all of those but to be honest it’s your standard Rock album.

Bassist Faiba Gardner states that they don’t want their listeners to get bored and to be fair you’re not…but for 10 of the 11 tracks, there’s nothing that really grabs your attention and makes you pay attention. The band cite Foo Fighters as one of their influences (here comes the heresy) and they seem to fall into the Foo Fighters category of some of the tracks sounding alike…there are times when you hear a song on the radio and you think “Foo Fighters” but you can’t tell which one of their songs it is. I have to admit that I fell into that frame of mind while listening to this album a couple of times.

The one that does grab you is the last track “Speak To Me”, which puts you in mind of “The Great Gig In The Sky” and is refreshingly different to what’s come before…I can see the logic of it being the play out track but it would have broken up the album nicely if it had been put into bat at number 4 or 5.

Overall, it’s not a bad album but it won’t set your world on fire.

Review - Chris Watson

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