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Ministry - 'Amerikkkant' Album Review


1. I Know Words

2. Twilight Zone

3. Victims Of A Clown

4. TV 5-4 Chan

5. We're Tired Of It

6. Wargasm

7. Antifa

8. Game Over

9. AmeriKKKa

'Amerikkkant' is basically an attack on Donald Trump (and why not), the opening track “I Know Words” has warped sound bites from the man himself, in fact he features heavily throughout the album. Al Jourgensen clearly has something to say and is damned well going to say it.

'Twilight Zone', the second track is a sprawling eight minute affair but doesn’t drag. Trumps statement that “We will make America great again” is sprinkled through. The artwork for the album says it all for me, the Statue of Liberty with her head in her hands gets the message across as well as the songs. Ministry are certainly pulling no punches about their hatred of Trump.

My fear for this album is that it is essentially a one trick pony, will it stand repeated listens? 'Victims Of A Clown' is standard fare for Ministry, I’m finding myself a bit bored of it to be honest! 'We’re Tired Of It' finally puts some pep into the album, speed guitars and growling vocals, this is more like it. At 2.48 there is a sense of urgency missing from the eight minute epics of previous tracks. Less reliant on sound bites means the song has more going for it!

'Amerikkkant' is a bit of a plodding beast. It’s clear that Al is incensed by the current administration of America but I’m afraid his passion doesn’t come across enough for me. It’s too sprawling, there is not enough to engage the listener and keep him there, I have found myself skipping through tracks on second listen, never a good sign!

'Amerikkkant' by Ministry gets 3 stars from me, mostly for the idea rather than the execution!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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