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Earthless - 'Black Heaven' Album Review


1. Gifted By The Wind

2. End To End

3. Electric Flame

4. Volt Rush

5. Black Heaven

6. Sudden End

There are times when I want something new and there are times when I crave something familiar. 'Black Heaven' is most definitely the latter. Imagine if you will a mash up of all those great 70’s Rock bands, I’m talking Led Zeppelin, Free, Little Feat, Peter Frampton and the likes, this is what they would sound like all together. We have riffs a plenty, a vocoder, guitar solos that remind me of Hendrix. Even the cover artwork conjures up images of the past. I’m all for bands breaking new ground, but there is something to be said about if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, especially when it is delivered so masterfully.

The production and mixing on this are excellent; it could easily have become swampy. I’m shocked that Earthless are a three piece, they sound so much bigger. Mostly noted for long instrumentals it is nice to hear guitarist Isaiah Mitchells voice and the songs are shorter on this.

It’s hard to put into words just how “comfortable” this release is. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it could sit amongst so many classic bands albums without feeling inadequate, frankly they have the skills to pay the bills. I have listened to Earthless more times than I would for most reviews and I have to say I am rather taken with it, I don’t get bored, there is always something to spot on every listen. The fact it sounds like Hendrix (probably the frequent use of wah wah) helps this along for me.

I give 'Black Heaven' by Earthless five stars. Buy it now please!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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