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Bleed From Within Release Video For New Single 'Crown Of Misery'

Just a few days prior to the release of their anticipated new album, “Era”, Bleed From Within are releasing a video for the song “Crown Of Misery” which was directed by Clearway Media. The band about the song and video: “Our first two singles have an epic quality to them in that each song builds from start to finish. ‘Crown Of Misery’ kicks you in the face almost immediately then brings in one of the catchiest vocal hooks for the chorus. The three tracks together paint a pretty good picture of what to expect from the new album as a whole; aggression, melody & groove. The video perfectly captures the energy of the band and the story shows the struggles of someone trying to break free from what holds them back. At the end, the crown is left behind and our character has disappeared. A sign that they have moved on from that which restricted them.”

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