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Divine Era - 'Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts' Album Review


1. Burn This Alley 2. Bible And Gun 3. I Am You 4. Defense And Choice 5. Another Forgotten Face 6. Slow Departure 7 Hatred Love 8. Visitors Of Time 9. Justified Love 10. Failure 11. Vanity Of Vanities

How the hell does one man make noise like this? Daisuke Wachi is the Japanese singer and guitarist behind Divine Era. He is ready to launch the third album under that moniker, it is called ‘Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts’. He not only plays pretty much everything on the album but it was also written, produced and engineered by him. This collection was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Prisoner, Japan. Wachi operates from Los Angeles and has played guitar with many Metal greats; Calen Chase (VIMIC), Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome) and he took over from Jake E. Lee in Mandy Lion’s WWIII.

This is one heavy motherfucker of an album that makes Metallica sound like James Last and Slipknot like Barry Manilow. You want riffs? There is an abundance of them on offer here. You want hard grooves that mash your brain? Loads of that too. You want to hear finger shredding thrash guitar? Well you can have a bucketful of that. Want to hear some nice relaxing easy listening tunes? Sorry buddy you are definitely in the wrong place.

Daisuke has the type of rasping Metal voice that you can imagine making his throat bleed. However there are also some great melodies on show here, particularly on “Burn This Alley” and “Another Forgotten Face”. The riffs on “Slow Departure” and “Failure” are truly mountainous. If Thor’s hammer Mjolnir was made out of the kind of metal produced by Divine Era even the blonde Norse God wouldn’t be able to lift it. I get the feeling of a hint of Korn on “Hatred > Love”, only heavier but just as emotionally driven. The screaming guitar soloing on that song evokes the finest of seventies Hard Rock and early proponents of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

After two listens to this album I think that “Visitors Of Time” is probably my favourite song and the one that I really want to hear blasting across a festival field sometime soon. Daisuke Wachi names some of his biggest musical influences as Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde. So if you like Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Slayer, Sepultura, Anthrax, Motorhead, Judas Priest and just damned good hard riffin’ Rock that never lets up then you had better lay your hands on a copy or stream of ‘Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts’. But be prepared for an onslaught like you have never seen.

This doesn’t just blow the cobwebs away it melts them with nuclear heat. However you should prepare a comfy seat and a satisfying drink to help bring you down when the album ends!

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Review - Bill Adamson

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