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Interview With 'Press To MECO'

How excited are you for the release of the album on a scale of excited to you're going to explode with excitement?

I'm very excited. Though to be honest, we've been sat on it for a while now, so it's just gonna be a massive sigh of relief when it's FINALLY out. Really excited to see what people make of it though!

Machine produced the album, are there signs of his previous work on Here’s To The Fatigue? Which bands have influenced Here’s To The Fatigue the most?

He sure did! Machine's got an unreal back catalogue that speaks for itself in regards to his quality and pedigree as a producer. But one of the main reasons we decided Machine would be great for the job was actually when we were listening through all the albums he's done, they all sound completely different and they all sound like the band instead of the producer. There was definitely a phase, that I feel like we're coming out of a bit more now, of producers simply putting their signature stamp on a record rather than trying to develop the actual band's sound. I genuinely feel like there's no SET of bands that influenced this album. This band has always been, and always will be, more an accumulation of all the bands, artists and pieces of music we've listened to over the years manifesting themselves into the music we want to write. I feel like I’m more influenced by parts of songs, or types of riffs and vibes rather than one set band. We do have a bunch of collective favourite bands though, such as; Everything Everything, Billy Talent, Manchester Orchestra, Propagandhi.

Which is your favourite song from the album?

Ha-ha I haven't listened to the album for a while again now, and this literally changes every time I hear it. I think RIGHT now I’m really feeling 'A Quick Fix' and 'Here's To The Fatigue'. We had so much fun playing those songs on the last few tours we've done.

Looking forward to album release show at The Black Heart? Amazing supports by the way!

Yeah, I think it's gonna be SICK. There's only like 10 tickets left now too, so Black Heart sold out is always mental...and unbelievably HOT!!! Gonna be really fun watching our good friends Wallflower and Future love too, great bands!

You’ve been announced for 2000 Trees and Teddy Rocks so far, anymore festivals we’ll be seeing you at?

Probably not to be honest, the album being delayed for the Marshall Records deal all happened right round when festivals start looking and booking. So, we're feeling extremely lucky to have gotten the ones we've already got. . . saying that, I’m sure they'll be a couple more as the year progresses!

Do you have an idea what the setlist will be like for the summer?

It will 100% be full of Press to MECO songs.

How were the shows supporting Don Broco? Do you still get nervous playing each show?

They were so sick! Don Broco crowds are genuinely some of the best crowds about, just loads of kids wanting to jump around and have a good time :) I don't think any of us really felt nervous on that tour. It wasn't that long after we hit the road with Arcane Roots, it was a set we were very familiar with and we had our sound guy Nathan with us, which is always such a reassurance ha-ha.

Best and worst thing about tour?

Best thing about tour is just being on tour, that's the thing I love most about being in a band. Forgetting about everything else and just being in the moment for that short period of time.

Worst thing about tour is I miss my girlfriend a lot.

If you could create an unlimited Easter egg, what would it be?

Burrito Egg.

You can spend an hour with a musical icon living or dead, who would you pick, why and what would you speak about?

I dunno if he a musical icon but I'd well love to meet Ian D'sa from Billy Talent and just geek out about guitars 'n' steal some of his riffs. I feel like Dave Grohl would be an absolute dude as well!

What comes next for yourself?

For me personally I’m about to go and make a stir fry, but for the band, touring touring touring touring touring etc…….

And finally, and most importantly is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

So, I've never actually seen Die Hard.... but it seems pretty popular to watch it at Christmas...So I’m gonna say, yes? Unless it's not at all about Christmas...then maybe not... but also, I feel like Christmas for so many people is defined by the traditions they put in place, so if it's tradition to watch Die Hard at Christmas, and by watching Die Hard at Christmas, you then feel Christmassy, then fuck it. It IS a Christmas film!

'Here's To The Fatigue' is due for release on March 30th. Check out our review here.

Interview - Jake Williams

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